" Be a leader of change, a listener of truth, 
     a teacher of profound  character 
        and a friend worthy of emulation"
                                                       Tachaya Flen

EstinyDay is a 501c (3) non-profit organization. It was created from a need to expose our youth to enriched educational programs, positive role models, the selection of career paths that support industry needs and creates a productive citizen.  Its’ focus is aligned with the following principals:

* Education                         * Community Service      * Cultural Diversity
 Positive Self-awareness   *
 Mentorship                    * Nutrition 

EstinyDay relies on the collective efforts of Mentors, speakers from various career fields, volunteers and resource donations to execute programs supporting its six principals.  The long term goal is to develop positive young adults in various career fields who will in turn become mentors for another generation of youth.  

EstinyDay has a deep commitment to education. We generate awareness of educational tools and techniques throughout our program that will allow our participants to improve in the following skills: SAT/ACT preparation, creative writing, reading comprehension, increase study habits and the development of positive decision making skills. 

Speakers serve as role models for EstinyDay participants. They conduct professional presentations and provide hand-on experiences that expose participants to the many aspects of  their profession.  Speakers are often supported by the profession/industry of their employment. The joint efforts link primary education, higher education and career selection. It serves to support the cliques of “plan now for the future” and “pay it forward”. 

At the core of EstinyDay support are local community leaders, school administrators, and parents.  Together, they serve as role models that provide daily direction and guidance in support of positive citizenship. 

The only overarching program constraints are the resources required to accommodate the growing number of EstinyDay participants.

         EstinyDay Corporation          
                               501(c)(3) Non Profit Organization Serving Youth in the community

                        Exceeding Standards Totally Involves Nurturing Youth

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