EstinyDay Corporation          
                               501(c)(3) Non Profit Organization Serving Youth in the community

                        Exceeding Standards Totally Involves Nurturing Youth


Youth are growing up in an environment shaped by main stream media. Many TV conglomerates, and select music industry circles are portraying youth in a negative light. This type of exposure gains popularity with each passing day.  Our communities and society are losing the true potential of our young adults to high risk behavior during adolescence (smoking, drinking,  drugs, crime, pregnancy and school drop-out). This leads to the reduction in the number of upwardly mobile women.   

Critical fields lacking interest and participation are Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).  We must take every opportunity to increase these statistic by providing accessibility, opportunity, and knowledge.

We must reclaim our positions of influence and provide proper guidance and well-shaped footprints that begin early in childhood and continue throughout the teenage years until adulthood.


Our Goal

The goal of EstinyDay is to produce educated, culturally diverse youth that possess a strong sense of self-worth and community service.  It's aim is to capture the minds by introducing opportunities in and accessibility to the world of professional careers. To this end, EstinyDay enlists the help and support of all businesses both locally and nationally. 

EstinyDay will begin to carve out a brighter future for our youth by surrounding students with professionals who possess both a strong work ethic and dedication to leadership excellence.

With the help of civilian, active duty/veteran and university ROTC cadet mentors we will strengthen and promote positive self-esteem, values, goals and a commitment to community service.  

Through site visits, job familiarization, classes and personal testimony from industry speakers and mentors, each participant becomes immersed in the diverse career fields introduced in the program.
The EstinyDay program begins when  mentors are matched with a group entering their freshman year of high school. Interaction with mentors are conducted on a weekly basis. The mentors serve as professional guides until the completion of their senior year.