Never accept the word "no" when it challenges your
Destiny in  Life.
                                        Tachaya D. Flen

         EstinyDay Corporation          
                               501(c)(3) Non Profit Organization Serving Youth in the community

                        Exceeding Standards Totally Involves Nurturing Youth


   A 501(c)(3) non profit organization dedicated to:  

  - Our youth. Everyday they inspire us to continue to rise     
  - My Soldiers in arms whom I've had the distinct honor of 
    serving with in the Armed Forces. Your strength, silent
    struggles, friendship and profound dedication to succeed is
    truly an inspiration.  
  - Professionals all over the world. It is your levels of 
    achievement that we should all emulate.

Tachaya D. Flen
United States Army

As community leaders, school administrators, professionals and parents, we have a large task ahead of us. To ignore this task allows the disruption of success and progress. Our youth live in an era unlike that from which we came.  Social parody and entertainment have somehow become the reality to which our youth

EstinyDay was formed so that we can combine efforts in order to provide the correct direction and to enlighten the pathways on which our youth take their steps forward. Our past struggles have given us the experience and knowledge to deliver positive change. With your help,
we can provide truth where there are lies, positive affirmation where there is doubt, and exceptional wisdom when society projects negativity. 

Please join me in efforts to align our youth with their true destiny.  I ask that profound professionals with a strong desire to pay it forward, sign on with EstinyDay. Your dedication will assist in the restoration and sustainment of young minds that reflect acceptable images of success, dedication and an exceptional work ethic.

Let's begin this journey by moving forward together...